Producer: Freeski Crew

Release:2016 presents a two years project! ESCAPADES - some of our exciting, foolish and a little dangerous adventures around the globe! Rebellion is a thing of the past. And the mainstream is everywhere. Life appears to be monotone. And they all walk in circles. Stuck in a square. But our minds live outside this boarders. And when inside, we long to escape. Because when we close our eyes, the memories return. Of invaluable escapades. On the far side of this enclosure. Where perceived rules cease to exist 'Cause at the top of these peaks, we have freedom at our feet. And trivial troubles fly away in a white rush. Reality splits like a knifes edge. Because - outside of the mundane square, there is another place. Where what is, turns into what is possible. What matters. And what is fun.

Artist Song
Mr. GreenIf I Dont Go To Hell     
Dead Giveaway BeatsAllah La La     
DITC & Tom CaruanaBad Mutha     
Julian NatesRide With Me     
Miss WeirdyGood Vibes Only     
Sara Lugo & Kabaka PyramideHigh & Windy     
The Red Army ChoirKalinka     
The Soldier StoryOh God