Small World

Title: Small World

Producer: Level 1


Description:Go out into the world, they say… see it for yourself! But in an age where any destination is in the palm of your hand- just a click away, what is left to truly explore? Level 1 examines the universal dialect of moving down snow on two feet through a lens of fresh perspective- documenting the outer niches of a sport pushed under the rug by the modern day ski zeitgeist. From the secret valleys of Switzerland, the ancient cities of Estonia, to the rowdy rope-tows of Minnesota- follow us around the globe as we capture skiing in its purest form. It’s a Small World, after all.

Artist Song
Cosmo Sheldrake ft. Anndreyah VargasRich     
Jacqueline Taieb7 Heures Du Matin     
Andra Tanker FiveLena     
Gilligan MossStasis     
Computer MagicRunning     
Pete and the PiratesCome on Feet     
HoundstoothNew Illusion     
EileenCes Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher     
Hippie SabotageThings have changed     
Lack of AfroFor you     
Taylor BrownOrganism     
The UglysuitTwo shots of Sunshine     
Zachary KibbeeReadin your will     
Cosmo SheldrakeThe Fly     
SchnudelOde an den Main     
Hundred VisionsWhere do I sign     
HerbertMoving like a train (Smith n Hack Remix)